About Abbas

Abbas Hameed was born in Samarra, Iraq and lived in the country for 23 years. During the Operation Iraqi Freedom, the United States military was looking for Iraqi’s who were bilingual in Arabic and English. Abbas was bilingual and had an interest in assisting the military, so he signed up to be an interpreter.

At the beginning of 2005, Abbas was hit by a car bomb while on duty. He was the only survivor. This made him start to seek for Jesus Christ and answers.

Abbas searched for two years for someone to teach him how to read the Bible. Finally, he found a friend in the military who explained how to read the Bible to him. Abbas started to read the Bible every day. Within a year, Abbas accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

The United States military had an agreement with the interpreters that after their service was complete, they could become United States citizens. In 2007 after almost 8 years of service, Abbas came to the United States because his assignment was done.

Abbas moved to North Carolina and lived with the man who led him to Christ. During that time, Abbas was strengthened in his relationship with the Lord through his mentor. His mentor introduced him to the ministry, The Navigators. Abbas was involved in a Navigators Bible study, which helped him understand and memorize the scripture.

He became a United States citizen in 2011.

Currently, Abbas lives in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania with his wife, Michelle and their two children, Asher and Grace.  Abbas is available for speaking, sermons, and trainings for churches, conferences, and other events. More information on speaking options is available here >

Meet Abbas and hear his life-changing story for yourself.

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