CBN’s 700 Club Promotes Abbas’ Testimony

What a blessing and privilege to have Abbas’ testimony recorded and produced into a video by the 700 Club of CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network).

The 700 Club team came to our home a few months ago and captured a lot of video footage.  They have now put all this together into a great 5 minute video.

See the full version here:

Abbas is available to speak at churches, conferences, and events.  He can share his testimony and challenge groups to go deeper with God.  He is also focused on discipleship and training messages for Christian groups, as well as evangelistic outreach to non-believers and Muslims.

Please contact Abbas to learn more about his availability for speaking.

The video here was produced by the 700 Club and can be viewed here with their story. >



Training Event Held at Greater Philadelphia Mission Fellowship

Abbas had the privilege of speaking at the Greater Philadelphia Mission Fellowship this past October.

The GPMF hosts a quarterly meeting with a focus on mobilizing Chinese churches into mission.  They have a specific focus on evangelism efforts and outreach to Muslims.  Abbas was able to share his testimony of being a Muslim background person who came to faith in Christ.

Abbas was able to spend time sharing and training the group to equip them for their outreach efforts.

Abbas is open for future training events, ministry events and sharing his testimony.  Contact him via the website here to inquire further.